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Mental X-stock

Mental X-stock-en

Pile of stacked sealed goods cardboard boxes

X-stock is a flexible and comprehensive software package for managing your warehouse and stock. It provides the ability to fully organize the warehouse into individual areas and locations. It can manage stocks of materials or goods located outside the company (e.g., technicians) and offers all the necessary reports for warehouse control and tracking. Additionally, X-stock can be used to generate accompanying documents for materials or goods.


Ability to create unlimited types of warehouse traffic
Ability to move by site and/or location
Printing of movement document
Unlimited spaces/positions
Product management
Stock monitoring
Barcode Management
Create an order based on Stock
Possibility of compositions (recipes & bundles)
Customer management
Supplier management
User management (Permissions per function)
Statistical prints
Prints for accounting
Ability to connect to ERP (on demand)