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Time management concept illustration.

TimeMatters is a system based on internet technology. It is easy to use and understand and requires no special technical knowledge or training, making it the ideal software for both small and large businesses. TimeMatters has everything a business needs to track the time spent on any of its projects or activities. It provides the ability to create teams and sub-teams, as well as assign projects and activities to each team.

TimeMatters also provides the ability to create reports, which the user can view on their screen or export to a CSV file, and even send them to their email.

The features of TimeMatters are:


It provides a visual analysis in the form of a chart of time allocation between projects, tasks or customers.


It provides the option of recording time and employment on a project, task, or client in real-time.


It allows you to add your clients and relate working time and expenses to them.

Payment status

Provides the ability to report whether the invoice has been paid or not.

Custom fields

It is possible to add an unlimited number of fields to the entry of time and users.


You can track the expenses incurred on behalf of your clients.


The system has the ability to send reports to users.


You have the option not to modify existing records based on the schedule you have set.

Weekly registration

The user is given the option of weekly entries.


The ability to create reports is given.


Create a report with a predefined time interval in Timesheets format.


Allows users to create templates for quick insertion of comments.


Allows adding files (attachments) to the time and project entry function.