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VoIP is the modern way of telephony. It is based on computer networks and provides high quality service and a variety of applications to the users.

Our company has many years of experience in the field of VoIP, having served as a representative of various manufacturers of VoIP equipment in Greece, while since 2016 it has its own product, named miPBX!

miPBX is a unique package of quality telephony and at the same time service. It is available in three basic packages (entry, basic, business) and comes with a guarantee of optimal configuration with the support of Mental Informatics.

With miPBX you have

Ring Groups/Call Queues/Parking Lots

Routing and waiting groups for incoming calls


Navigation menu in the individual sections/groups


Receive audio messages in your email


Prevent calls from selected numbers


Remote connection to the call center from another network

Time Groups/Conditions

Hours/Vacation Management


Conversation with multiple participants

Follow Me

Automatic transfer so you don't miss calls

Call Recording

Ability to record calls

All Types Forwarding

Ability to divert calls for any occasion (all/busy/unavailable)

Detailed call reports

Detailed statistical reports

Music on Hold

Music playlists from mp3 files or connection with a Radio Station

Custom Voice Messages

Unlimited pre-reply audio messages

Operator Panel

Graphical Real-time call representation

Call Flow Control

Change call routing at the touch of a button

Fax Server

Send & Receive FAX via E-Mail /Application


Ability to connect with other apps (CRM Etc.)

Full Reporting

Detailed reports for each entity