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e-Hotel is a flexible software for the front office of your hotel. It includes functions for your daily activities, client management, agencies and of course reservations.
You can organize the daily routine of your hotel in an easy and fast way and manage the rooms, the reservations, the cleaning and the services of your hotel through a pleasant and friendly environment.
e-Hotel is available in two versions, e-Hotel Lite and e-Hotel Pro.

e-Hotel Lite

Reservation Plan

Enter your reservations easily and quickly. Avoid common handling errors by using smart room selection functions.

Unlimited Price Lists

Enter as many price lists as you need and connect them to customers and cooperating agencies, calculating the commission automatically.

Arrivals - Departures

e-Hotel Lite offers you an accurate view of the arrivals, the departures and the stays at your hotel, with the press of a button.

Operation Periods

Divide the season into as many periods as you like and choose the type of period dynamically, maintaining the correct pricing policy per period.

Unlimited Number of Rooms

Manage your hotel rooms electronically, without any restrictions, saving all the useful information for each one of them.

Clients & Agencies

Save your client's data once and use it unlimited. Integrate your agreements with travel agencies in a simple way.

Cleaning Management (Housekeeping)

Automate the cleaning process of your hotel rooms by notifying the cleaner in charge via mobile phone.

Client Registration Book

Find out which guests are in the hotel with the press of a button. Print the arrivals, the departures and the departures per day easily and quickly.

Upgrade to e-Hotel Pro

By upgrating to e-Hotel Pro you reserve all the features of Lite, plus:

Call center

Connect e-Hotel Pro to your IP Call Center and manage the phone calls charges with the room charges.

On-line Reservations

Make Online reservations with e-Hotel Proby by connecting it to your website's booking engine.

Wi-Fi Spots

Offer your clients complete services by providing wireless internet in all areas of the hotel, and manage the provision through eHotel.

Statistics Data

Convert the numbers resulting from the operation of your hotel into meaningful statistics that will lead you to accurate and confident strategic decisions.

Complete Commercial Management

Invoice easily and quickly based on your agreements and keep credit control with customer/vendor analytics tabs.

Connection with MyDATA

Integrated Electronic invoicing with direct connection to MyDATA that covers all IAPR specifications.