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MentalCRM is the right software for businesses that want to manage the relationship with their customers. It is used to organize, automate and synchronize processes mainly sales as well as those related to marketing, customer service and technical support.

MentalCRM provides the following functions

Calendar & Events

Immediate and flexible organisation of your program


Create your own Reports based on your real needs


Design and Plan all the projects as you have imagined it

Inventory of Goods

Manage inventory and pricing, create quotes, send invoices, and track your payments

Workflow Automation

Organize and automate the flow of your tasks

Documents and Files

Group and organize your documents easily

Task Management

Consistently perform each task in a timely and efficient way


Manage your customers better

Agreements and Opportunities

Achieve deals easier

Sales Predictions

Design effectively with the proposed prediction models

Administrative and Sales Statistics

Monitor through the administrative all the information related to the company, the team and the performance of your partners


You can either create an offer from the beginning or use a newly created one to save time and effort


Schedule your meetings faster and smarter


Track sales progress and team performance


Dynamic case management


Manage your SLAs easily and efficiently

Customer Portal

Enable your customers to share files with you and raise their issues with you

Knowledge Base

Provide your customers and employees with quick answers to common questions by building a knowledge base through resolved cases

Web Forms

Waste less time collecting data and more on your sales

Marketing through e-mail

Attract customers through e-mail

Productivity Statistics

Analyze and evaluate assets for both your customers and your internal production by making better strategic decisions


Push your employees to work together for business purposes in an efficient way through collaborative tools

Mobile Apps

Transfer MentalCRM to your phone to stay synchronised even when you are not at the office

Telephony Integration

Make phone calls directly through MentalCRM

Sms Integration

Send sms messages directly through MentalCRM


Connect MentalCRM with other applications