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Mental e-shop

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online shopping

Mental e-Shop is an e-shop platform (e-commerce) and is addressed to B2B & B2C businesses (wholesale and retail products).

The e-shop consists of the front-end, the part that the visitor sees. It is based on dynamic and impressive design principles, ensuring ease of use, security (UI/UX/Security) in transactions, and, in general, the ideal customer experience. Additionally, the customer receives a web management application through which all tasks related to the content and data of the online store can be performed.

Dynamic and innovative design
Friendly environment for the visitor
Multi-language support
User/member profile creation function
Full back office management of the e-shop
Product page showing description, price and manufacturer details
Promotion offers
Ability to enter products by characteristics (colour/size/etc.)
Full compatibility with mobile devices
Easy and fast checkout
Multiple payment methods (Cash on delivery, In-store payment, Bank deposit, PayPal, Credit card)
GDPR Compliance