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Windows 10 vs Windows 11

Windows 10 vs Windows 11

In June 2021 Microsoft announced the new version of the Windows 11 operating system with its new features. Their release came in the same year, October 2021 and they are still available to users for free who want to upgrade their PC from Windows 10. The only requirement for the upgrade is to run a diagnostic test from Microsoft where it scans the computer and based on the findings determines if it can support Windows 11 or not. Let’s take a look at some of the major features of the new OS.

1) Improved performance – Windows 11 promises faster performance than its predecessor for greater efficiency and efficiency in terms of usage.

2) Enhanced window management – help in doing more things at the same time , managing more applications on your screen as well as multiple desktops makes Windows 11 an important tool.

3) Microsoft store – Microsoft’s online store in the new Windows presents a wider variety of Android apps in partnership with Amazon offering to the users more support options according to their needs.

4) Renewed start menu – The menu in Windows 11 is now located in the center of the screen and is visually ,and practically, more user-friendly in allowing the user to locate what they are looking for.

It’s been 2 years since the release of Windows 11 and according to Microsoft’s statistics the majority of users have not made the transition from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Major reasons that have led users to stay on Windows 10 are :

1) Familiarity – the user after many years of using and getting familiar with Windows 10 does not risk to choose Windows 11 which is a new but at the same time foreign environment for him.

2) Compatibility – many programs are not yet fully compatible with the new Windows 11 and so the user avoids taking the risk.

3) Stability – Windows 10 has been on the market for a longer period of time which implies more updates and bug fixes, thus creating a stability and reliability.

4) System requirements – Windows 11 needs a demanding PC, fully upgraded to support it resulting in older PCs not being able to cope and creating the condition that Windows 10 is practically the best solution.

To sum up, Windows 11 although it is undoubtedly an upgraded version of Windows 10 on many levels, Microsoft seems to have failed to convince the user to trust it and leave behind an older environment like Windows 10. Finally the future of Windows 11 seems to be short as Microsoft has already started advertising its next big step for Windows 12.